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Host a Gold Party, and get paid Top Dollar!

We plan and set up everything

We bring all of the supplies needed to host your gold party. We set it all up, and you don't have to worry about anything! We also bring refreshments for you and your guests! You get to choose what you want to have at your party, our friendly co-ordinators will help you plan it out.

You & your guests get paid Cash!

We appraise and pay you and your guests cash for your unwanted jewelry. We can appraise and pay a 25 person party in about 2 hours. While you wait to get your jewelry appraised, you can enjoy refreshments and mingle with your guests. The more people you invite the more money you make at the end of the party.

You get 10% of the total payout!

After you and your guests get paid, we give the host (YOU!) 10% of the total payout as commission. The more people invite the more money you earn! An average gold party has about $3,000 payout, so the host gets a $300 Cash Bonus!


Invite your friends

Invite as many friends as you can to your Gold Party, everyone will have a great time getting paid and having fun!


You get paid Cash!

You get paid Cash instantly for your unwanted gold and silver jewelry.


Your guests get paid Cash!

We then pay all of your guests Cash instantly for their unwanted jewelry!


You get 10% Commission!

At the end of the party you get paid 10% Commission of the total sales.
Gold Party at Home

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SGLI has been the most trusted name in Gold Parties for years, if you have any questions or concerns our friendly specialists are standing by, give us a call (516)827-3131. There is no group to big or too small, we have coordinated gold parties for large offices, and close groups of friends. If you would like us to come by and appraise your jewelry without hosting a party, check out our
House Call service.